New drawings

My work is a deeply personal, a conglomeration of experiences, thoughts, and emotions. I create subconscious snapshots collaged of the world around me. Experiences are quilted together meshing he past, present, and future. Sketching is integral to the process I use. My sketchbook houses drawings that begin as fleeting thoughts and observations and later become fully realized pieces. 

I am inspired by the natural world and telling stories about the world around me, especially about life cycles, landscapes real and imagined, and the secret life of animals. The process of storytelling for me is not linear but involves connections to places, people, and animals. The characters represented are often metaphorical representations of people, places, and creatures that I know. Creating these images makes me feel closer to the world around me on both emotional and physical levels.

I begin each piece by drawing in pencil, then add ink, watercolor, or guoache. My process is largely intuitive and reflective. I often use the work of writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, scientists, philosophers, and other story tellers to inspire my own pieces. The pieces I weave together are dreamlike images that signify points in my development as an artist and human in relationship to the world around me.